Greed & Sheep (A tail of blind servitude)


How much debt do you have right now?

Where did that debt come from?

How long is it gonna take for you to pay it back?

What will happen if you don’t pay it back?

How much money from your paycheck do you actually get to spend towards things that bring joy into your life?

How much spare time do you have?

Of that spare time, how much of it is spent watching tv, in transit, dealing with debt, dealing with guilt, dealing with fear, dealing with conflict, dealing with pain, dealing with sadness, dealing with sales people, shopping, selling, avoiding, cleaning, planning, organizing, sleeping or waiting?

Now think about how much time you spend laughing, sharing with others, discovering fun things, at peace, relaxing, creating, loving and being loved.

How many friends do you have?

How many of your friends give you unsolicited opinions?

How many of your friends only communicate with you after you have communicated first?

How many of your friends do you think would bail on you if you were left homeless?

How many of your friends would cry at your funeral?

Think back to when you were 10 years old. What were the dreams you had back then?  Had did they play out? How have they changed?

If you could live comfortably on half of your current income, would you work half the time?

Are you your own prison keeper?

Why is it that people just assume that someone making more money than them actually has more chance to be happy?

Why do people fundamentally commit themselves to be servants of debt?

Cell phones and email are great communications tools only when using them results in scheduling a face to face communication experience.

How many bills or receipts do you carry in your wallet?

How many photos of friends and family do you keep in your wallet?

What have you been telling people is your greatest acheivement?